Why your company needs Bitcoin

Probably you are wondering: what is in it for me? Why should I and my business connect to the Bitcoin network?

Bitcoin Bridge exists to help small business, regular people just like you. So let’s look at stories from some of them (*):

(*) The persons and businesses described in these stories are fictional, but the use-cases and applications are absolutely real

What Bitcoin will bring to your business

Bitcoin is not simply a new tool, it is a network opening a new world around us. It is nearly impossible for any of us, who were born before Bitcoin, to imagine how it will transform our lives and the way we work.

But there are some the concrete ways how your business can benefit from it today.

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  • Payment fees surely account for a certain % of the costs that prevent your sales to turn into actual profits. For example:
    • Credit card payment providers or PayPal take 2-3% and a fixed amount of each transaction in fees.
    • Subscription services will charge you to manage your customers or invoices.
    • If you operate in different currencies, there are conversion fees involved.
    • Accepting payments with a credit card requires hardware you must buy or rent, with additional costs.
  • Accepting a Bitcoin payment doesn’t cost you anything at all. There is a tiny fee, which the buyer with (voluntarily) pay, but each transaction will cost you exactly 0%.
  • This is independent of the origin and amount of the payment that is made. Do you want to accept a 0,10€ from Poland? No problem, still free.
  • This can boost your profit margin by 3-5%, depending on how you receive payments today.
  • The Bitcoin network has no office hours and never goes down. It is available for you 24 hours/day, every day of the year.
  • You don’t require any complicated system; you can accept Bitcoin without any hardware costs, just using the devices that you already have.
  • You don’t need even an internet connection; there are low-cost simple devices that can accept Bitcoin offline and everywhere.
  • When someone pays you in Bitcoin, that money is available to you immediately for you to use. Not in 5 working days, in 5 seconds.
  • With Bitcoin, you are completely independent of all providers and third parties. You don’t need to set up an account; you don’t need anyone’s permission to start or to continue working.
  • The Bitcoin you receive is yours only, no one can ever block or take your access to it.
  • Accepting Bitcoin will make your business automatically more interesting. People will naturally be attracted to whatever you do that is new and will want to check it out. Perhaps you will appear in your local newspaper as the first bar, dentist, or flower shop accepting Bitcoin in the area?
  • Becoming a “Bitcoin-connected business” will give you a lot of visibility among the multiple existing platforms that advertise where Bitcoin payments are possible, like for example BTC Map.
  • Bitcoin adoption is already significant and it’s growing exponentially. Those who already use it do prefer it to any other alternative. You will see that Bitcoin customers are happy to walk a littler further or pay a bit more for a service that they can pay for in Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin opens a lot of new possibilities to your business, no matter what you do. And if your customers find it valuable, it will generate an additional income stream for your business. For example:
    • Offering new services in exchange of micro-payments: receive tiny amounts of Bitcoin for changing a song that is playing or for each minute of playing a table game.
    • Extend the product range you are selling with Bitcoin goods, which will bring you additional sales.
    • Bringing completely new services to your customers, like a self-service Bitcoin beer tap.
  • Bitcoin also can integrate into your infrastructure and optimize some of the processes you already must do. For example, it can help you save money by getting paid while heating your working space.
  • When you receive a payment in Bitcoin, it is in your hands immediately. There is no bank and no credit card provider, or ill-intended customer that can trigger a chargeback and leave you sitting on losses.
  • Nobody can take the Bitcoin you received for your goods and services. This means you can’t become the target of robbery or fraud, because there is nothing that can be taken from you.
  • While the exchange rate of Bitcoin for other currencies (like €) varies a lot in the short term, a constant appreciation in the long term can be expected when measured against the things you need to run your business (energy, salaries, raw materials, etc.).
  • It is possible to store a certain % of your profits as Bitcoin in a way that is completely risk-free for your ability to face your operating costs and can contribute to higher long-term growth of your company’s reserves.
  • When you sell your goods and services for € or any other government currency you are limited by the geographical area where this currency is used and accepted. Selling your products to people outside of these areas is either impossible or very time-consuming and comes with additional costs.
  • Bitcoin is a borderless neutral currency, which means that it can be used and accepted by people from all countries worldwide. Therefore you can expand your reach very significantly by using Bitcoin as means of payment.
  • If you sell physical products, your only limit becomes where you can send them. If you provide a service online, then with Bitcoin you have no limits at all: the whole world can become your customer.

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