The fastest, most stupid easy way to buy Bitcoin

Easiest way to buy Bitcoin in Less Than 10 Minutes: Step-by-Step Guide with Relai App

Are you a beginner and want to get your first Bitcoin in less than 10 minutes? We show you in this article what is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin.

There are plenty of ways how you can go about buying Bitcoin, some are just a bad idea, but there are many that are perfectly fine, depending on your level and purpose. In this article, we will introduce the fastest and most stupid-easy way we know to get your first little piece of a Bitcoin! With this ultimate buying Bitcoin for beginners guide, anyone with a phone and internet access can do this in less than 10 minutes, promised!

Relai app tutorial

  1. Download the Relai app.
  2. Click on “Create your wallet”.
  3. Select your preferred language and currency (EUR and CHF available).
  4. When asked about an invite code, select “Add it now!” and add the following code to get the lowest possible fees (forever!): REL183859
  5. Choose and confirm your PIN.
  6. Accept terms and conditions and create account.
  7. On the main screen, go to “Buy”.
  8. Before we can start buying, we must secure our wallet by recording and storing our own backup. If you don’t want to do this now you can click on “Later” but you really should get to this as soon as possible. Therefore, we advise going with “Secure now” and confirm.
  9. Read and check the following disclaimers
  10. Now the app will show your 12 words recovery phrase. Write these down on an offline media (piece of paper) and store it securely! These 12 words will give you access to your Bitcoin if you lose the access to your phone or the Relai app.
  11. In the next screen, Relai will ask you to confirm you have written this recovery phrase down correctly by asking you to verify the words. Do it so that you are completely sure. If you got them right, the app will confirm it now.
  12. In the next step, select the amount you want to buy. For minimal fees, you must select anything over 100€.
  13. On the next screen, you can select the frequency that you want to purchase Bitcoin with. For a usual savings plan, you would select “Monthly auto-invest”. However, in case you want to purchase 400€ monthly or more, we would advise to then make it a “Weekly auto-invest” and simply use a smaller amount. For example: 100€ weekly instead of 400€ monthly will help you benefit from any price volatility to accumulate more Bitcoin.
  14. Next, select you would like to pay for the purchase. For minimal fees, go for a “Bank transfer”.
  15. Provide the IBAN of the account you would like to transfer the EUR from,
  16. In the next screen, you will see an overview of your choices. If you selected the options as above and used the invite code REL183859 you should see now “Relai fee 1%”. This is the lowest you can get!
  17. On the next screen, you will be shown the bank data for you to make the transfer. If you selected a monthly auto-invest, make this transfer also a monthly one from your online banking. If you want the auto-invest to start immediately, make sure to set the first transaction date to be today.

And that’s it! As soon as the funds arrive to the Relai account your Bitcoin will be purchased, and you will see a balance in your account, that will be growing month by month without you having to worry about it at all!


One of the things we love about Relai is that they do not store your Bitcoin at all. They give you the control by handing over the 12 words recovery-phrase you noted down in step 10 above. The next step for you as soon as you start to have a significant amount, you should start looking into a hardware wallet. In our upcoming article we will explain in detail what a hardware wallet is, how to get one, how to set it up and how to withdraw your Bitcoin there to have it in the safest possible custody.

Stay tuned for more tutorials about Bitcoin wallet security and hardware wallet setup!

Do you need help setting up your Bitcoin savings plan, or do you want more advice to continue your Bitcoin path? We are more than happy to help, just book a consultation with our team!

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