Open your business to new customers and protect yourself from fraud

The Online Shop

Jan is the owner of an online shop where he sells mostly electronics because that is what he knows best. Based in Germany, he has built a network of reliable suppliers and the shop is receiving a good amount of orders. However, he has been struggling the last few months with problems frequent among online shops:

At least a couple of times per month he sells some high-end product (like a computer or graphics card), sends it to the customer… and then sees the payment be charged back by the credit card processor! The buyers sometimes simply claimed theft of the card and, whether this is true or not, he is the one that has to carry the full loss of the product he shipped!

On top of this comes the excessive frequency with which products he sells are returned and this is increasing his running costs a lot. He hates this buying behavior of first purchasing and then deciding, but with Amazon’s competition, he has no choice.

Lastly, international payments are a nightmare. Jan operates in € and, even if he gets a lot of visits from other countries like the UK or Poland, these visits don’t end in sales. He so often wishes everybody could just pay in the same currency!

How Can We Help?

Bitcoin Bridge added a Bitcoin check-out option to Jan’s shop, and now a significant portion of his customers are using it. This helps him in many ways:

  • No fraud is possible with Bitcoin: When the customer pays, the money is immediately in Jan’s hands and can never be charged back without his approval. He can never be robbed of the product again!
  • Extremely low returns on purchases: People who pay with Bitcoin seem to be way more conservative and thoughtful about their purchases and they return the product in less than 1% of the cases!
  • Reach customers worldwide: Since accepting Bitcoin Jan is no longer limited by any currency and he has been receiving a lot more orders from new customers in countries outside the Eurozone. And they turn out to be the most profitable since he pays zero currency conversion or transaction fees with them.

Thank you! We will get in contact with you soon