Peña Real Madrid in Stuttgart – customer review

We are thrilled to share the experience integrating Bitcoin of one of our very first customers, Peña Real Madrid Stuttgart, a fantastic Spanish bar and restaurant in the very heart of the city.

What exactly is Peña Real Madrid?

Peña Real Madrid Stuttgart

We are the fan club of Real Madrid in Stuttgart and the oldest one in all of Germany. At the same time, we also are a unique Spanish restaurant, known for our food and warm atmosphere. Our menu features a wide variety of traditional Spanish dishes, prepared with the finest ingredients and bursting with authentic flavors. From paella to tapas, our dishes are crafted with love and care. What sets us apart is the very authentic Spanish atmosphere in the Peña, where every guest feels like a cherished part of our extended family.

What did you know about Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies before you met Bitcoin Bridge? Why did you decide to integrate Bitcoin into your business?

Before encountering Bitcoin Bridge, we had little knowledge. We knew that Bitcoin was a form of digital currency, but not much more. The decision to integrate Bitcoin into our business was driven by a wish to offer our customers greater payment flexibility and catch up with current times. We recognized the growing popularity of Bitcoin and the increasing number of individuals who prefer using it for transactions. 

Spanish PaellaHow did Bitcoin Bridge help you take this step? How was the experience?

Bitcoin Bridge made the integration process effortless. With their help, we quickly set up Bitcoin payments, allowing us to offer this alternative method alongside cash, which has been very helpful because we don’t have the possibility to take credit card payments. We have been surprised by the inquiries about paying with Bitcoin from customers!

Would you recommend other business owners in your industry to also integrate Bitcoin into their business? Why?

We definitely recommend others in the restaurant/bar industry consider integrating Bitcoin. It’s a simple and affordable step that opens up opportunities for future-proof payment solutions.

Where to find Peña Real Madrid:

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