Herbert’z Café: Embracing the Future with Bitcoin!

Tradition Embracing the Future

Tradition Embracing the FutureStep into the heart of Stuttgart’s southern quarter, and you’ll find Herbert’z Café, a beloved establishment that has been offering a warm welcome for over 25 years. Nestled on the corner of Mozart- and Immenhoferstraße, this café has become synonymous with delightful coffee specialties and mouthwatering breakfast options. And now, we see tradition embracing the future, as they made history once again!

We are thrilled to announce that Herbert’z Café is breaking new ground as the very first café in the city to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Just as they were the pioneers of the Espresso bar concept all those years ago, they continue to lead the way by embracing the future of digital currencies.

First Espresso bar in Stuttgart now accepts Bitcoin

Bitcoin offers secure and decentralized transactions, providing customers with a convenient and cutting-edge way to pay for their favorite treats and beverages at Herbert’z Café. Faster than cash, easier than PayPal, cheaper than credit cards!

This bold move by Herbert’z demonstrates their commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation, while maintaining their warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re an early riser in need of a quick espresso or someone looking to savor a leisurely lunch break, you can now indulge in the Herbert’z experience while seamlessly settling your bill with Bitcoin.

Join us at Herbert’z Café, where cherished traditions meet technological advancements. Every visit becomes a celebration of both the past and the future. Stop by today and be a part of this extraordinary journey!

Where to find Herbert’z

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