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The Bar Manager

André is the owner of a small sports bar. He has always tried to make it modern and not be the regular kind of bar. Yet, as a small business, he operates with not very wide margins and depends on customers constantly visiting to watch all various types of sports events. In the last few months, the number of people coming has stagnated and even started to decline which, considering his increasing running costs has brought him closer to not making almost any profit. He doesn’t know how to attract more people!

On top of that recently he had a horrible experience as a customer himself. Some payment he received triggered an automatic detection algorithm of his bank and his account was blocked for no reason at all. It was Friday afternoon at the end of the month and nobody at the bank could help him until Monday! Suddenly his credit card terminal wasn’t working, he couldn’t accept any payments during the whole weekend or pay his employees. He never realized how dependent he was on a service provider to run his business… The loss in sales was catastrophic and that came on top of his already declining profits!

How Can We Help?

Bitcoin Bridge helped André analyze how to expand the experience in his sports bar using Bitcoin. He not only started accepting it as payments but also installed different new ways to attract and entertain his customers! Viewers can now pay a little amount of Bitcoin and decide what little-known game will be shown on some of the TVs. He installed a beer tap that is activated by Bitcoin micropayments which is very successful. Best of all: he has added the possibility for customers to bet about the result of any game against other customers with micro-amounts of Bitcoin. This has made his bar extremely popular and now it is full for any game!

In addition, he has also automated the system of tips among his waiters. Whenever any of them gets a tip in Bitcoin, it gets evenly distributed among all of them, including the ones in the kitchen.

And André himself can sleep much better at night knowing that the situation with a blocked bank account can’t happen to him again. His and his employees’ Bitcoin wallets are operative 24/7/365 and can’t ever be blocked

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