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Physiotherapy clinic entranceWe are very happy to report that one of our first customers recently went online and is now connected to the Bitcoin network! We are talking about corpusmed Physiotherapy Stuttgart. The team of highly qualified professionals at Corpusmed contributes to its growing reputation as a specialized physiotherapy practice in Stuttgart and the surrounding area, and from now on you can pay for every treatment at corpusmed with Bitcoin.

We asked corpusmed a few questions and let them report about their experience with Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Bridge service:

Who is corpusmed?

We are a physiotherapy practice that specializes in the treatment of all kinds of pain. We offer classic therapies as well as chiropractic and dry needling.

What did you know about Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies before you met Bitcoin Bridge? Why did you decide to integrate Bitcoin into your business?

Bitcoin accepted signAll I knew was that it was a cryptocurrency and the first of its kind. But I honestly didn’t know the difference between Bitcoin and other “cryptos”. After getting more information and learning more about it, I really understood how it works and why Bitcoin is so important and unique. Now I think Bitcoin has a future and Bitcoin Bridge made the integration very easy for me.

How did Bitcoin Bridge help you take this step? How was the experience?

Bitcoin Bride did everything for me first introduction until explaining how to set it up. I only had to invest 2 hours of my time to be able to accept Bitcoin as payment. Now I don’t have to buy Bitcoin to have more of it, I can earn it! A no-brainer! 🙂

How is your experience with Bitcoin so far? Has anything changed?

So far, not that much has changed. Since then, two customers always pay with Bitcoin (also called satoshis) and customers ask us about it 2–3 times a week. You can tell that the topic brings a certain interest, but few people have really spent time to understand it, just like us before.

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Would you recommend other entrepreneurs in your industry to also integrate Bitcoin into their business? Why?

I can definitely recommend the integration of Bitcoin. The setup is very simple and inexpensive and is a step into the future. After offering the opportunity once, all you have to do is wait for Bitcoin customers to come, it doesn’t cost anything!

Good luck, corpusmed on your Bitcoin journey!

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