canvas, “Art’s home” – Customer Opinion

Today we are proud to announce yet another Bitcoin Bridge client, which for various reasons is a very special one. We are talking about canvas, “la casa del Arte”, meaning “Art’s home” in Valladolid, Spain! Taking this small step, they have become the first educational center (not only art, of any kind) that accepts Bitcoin in the entire province of Valladolid.

They tell us the rest in their own words:

What is canvas?

We are CANVAS, an art academy in Valladolid. We are a place to learn art for both children and adults, with all techniques and all levels. Furthermore, we do workshops for groups: events, birthdays, team building, etc.; The only thing you need to learn with us is to want to have fun 🙂

What did you know about Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies before you met Bitcoin Bridge? Why did you decide to integrate Bitcoin into your business?

I knew about it and had started to research and learn about the technology behind Bitcoin a little, but had only used it at a very basic level. We decided to integrate it into the academy to be more prepared for the future and have something differentiating us clearly from any competition.

How did Bitcoin Bridge help you take this step? How was the experience?

It was a comprehensive service, Bitcoin Bridge was in charge of both advising us on the different solutions available and implementing it from a technical point of view, until even putting it into operation in our academy. 10 out of 10!

How is your experience with Bitcoin so far (both in your business and in general)?

Very good! The students are interested in this new offer of a new payment technology that they have at their disposal, although at the moment only a few of them use it. Of course, with those who use it, it works without problems!

Would you recommend other entrepreneurs in your sector to also integrate Bitcoin into their business or company? Why?

Yes, definitely! It is interesting and very efficient at a business level, since there are no intermediaries, the payment reaches its recipient (us) immediately and without any type of commission. Once installed, they are only advantages!

Where to find canvas:

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