Accept payments offline everywhere and stay protected from theft

The Taxi Driver

Armin is a taxi driver in a big city. He has been doing this job for 20 years and drives thousands of kilometers every month. It didn’t use to be like that but, in recent times, clients ask more and more to pay with a card, and that is quite a challenge when you work on wheels and are always in a different place! Like most drivers, he got one Bluetooth point-of-sale device… He never wanted to have an expensive modern smartphone but had to get one so that he can connect to the device.

However, the problems he has with the device are endless. It takes at least 3-4 minutes for the device to connect the device and those add up to a lot when you only earn money while you drive! At many locations, he doesn’t get a connection and he can’t even use it. Then come the fees on top… The customer always pays what the taxi meter shows, but Armin loses 3-4% to the payment provider. And the worst thing is that he does not receive anything until at least a week later, while he has to pay for fuel every day!

How Can We Help?

Bitcoin Bridge prepared for Armin a small Bitcoin point-of-sale with a battery, a device smaller than a regular phone with extremely low setup costs and able to accept payments without any connection at all. It never takes more than 20 seconds! For that, he didn’t have to set up an account anywhere or deal with any intermediary.

Armin is now very happy any time a customer asks to pay with Bitcoin because he earns more having worked the same! And on top of that, the funds are immediately available for him to use if he needs them.

Unfortunately, he discovered recently another advantage he hadn’t thought of when someone tried to rob him of all the cash he had after a long night shift… because the only thing they couldn’t take from him was the Bitcoin he had earnt!

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