Easiest way to accept electronic payments and become more popular

The Shop Owner

Sara has a small walk-in shop; she sells mostly groceries that she buys herself from the wholesale markets. She has always accepted only cash payments in her shop and never a day never goes by when she doesn’t have to tell a new customer that no credit card payment is possible. This is always met with a look of disappointment. Some of these customers don’t even carry cash and have to drop the shopping. She can’t help but notice these people often never come back, and that she is surely losing customers and sales.

Sara is over 50 and has never been good with devices and internet stuff. She once asked a point-of-sale company for help, and they came to make an offer, but they wanted to have hundreds of Euros for the installation and on top of it she would lose 3% of each sale to the payment provider! As a small shop she doesn’t have such a big margin, she can’t afford that!

How Can We Help?

Bitcoin Bridge set up for Sara a Bitcoin cash register on an old tablet so simple to use, that even she learned how to use it in only 2 minutes! She had no costs at all and with it, she can receive payments not paying any fee and with no minimum amount.

Also, Sara hang a big “Bitcoin accepted” sign on the door of her shop, and Bitcoin Bridge helped her announce on different Bitcoiner platforms that anyone could buy the freshest vegetables and fish in her shop and pay instantly with Bitcoin. The result was immediate, a new flow of new young customers has been coming to check her shop and most of them became new regulars!

Whenever anyone asks her now about credit card payments, she answers: “We are past credit cards! Now we accept Bitcoin, it’s much better for both buyer and seller!”

Thank you! We will get in contact with you soon