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We want to be the bridge that connects your business to the future

We are a small consulting company born out of our passion to create a better world and the conviction that Bitcoin, both the asset and the network, is the biggest technological revolution since the invention of the internet and has the potential to solve, at least partially, most of the problems of our society.

We believe that in the close future any business, company or individual who is not connected to the Bitcoin network will be in the same difficulties as those who are not present in and connected to the internet today.

Our mission is to provide the education, infrastructure and tools for you, small business owners and entrepreneurs, to connect with the emerging bitcoin monetary network to integrate bitcoin seamlessly in your business and benefit from its full potential.

Who we are

Bitcoin Bridge is a small company registered in Stuttgart, Germany (for further details check our Imprint page). We are a team of enthusiastic Bitcoiners with over 5 years of experience using Bitcoin and its technical solutions every day. As all people, we came to Bitcoin from an unrelated profession and have made it an inseparable part of our lives. We also have a background as soft-skills trainers and have been educating others about this technology and its implications over the last few years.

In the last months, as we realized the incredible potential that Bitcoin brings for small companies (like ourselves) we decided to focus on people like you, who run your own small business, to make our contribution to Bitcoin adoption. We have specialized in building, installing, and teaching the tools you need to make use of this network without having to invest the time to figure it all out by yourself.

We operate with a network of partners from the wide Bitcoin ecosystem, who support us to bring you the exact solutions that you need. In a way, when you work with us, you are being assisted by thousands of people who every day develop solutions based on Bitcoin.

If you came to this site looking for a list of qualifications or a certificate, we must say that when it comes to Bitcoin there isn’t such a thing. The main reason why we, or anyone for that matter, may be qualified to assist you is and can only be truly understanding this technology, believing in and living with Bitcoin, and using it daily.

Contact us and we will arrange a personal get-to-know where you can judge yourself! 

Our Partners

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